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WMC2012 Mixes by Joshua Iz and Johnny Fiasco

Joshua Iz and Johnny Fiasco have released some amazing DreamInAudio mixes in anticipation of WMC2012 in Miami! Both are now available on Soundcloud.

Joshua Iz:

Johnny Fiasco:

DIA001: Joshua Iz - The Figure

Vinyl: March 23 2012 / Digital: April 13 2012

We're really excited to be working with Joshua IZ on the first DreamInAudio Release, DIA 001.  With global residences, underground credibility, and roots that run deep, Joshua has the sound and character that we aspire to as a label.  The release is a nice mix of techier sounds (The Figure) and a deeper vibe (What U Like).  Enjoy the sounds, and please do give us a shout out on Twitter (@dreaminaudio) or Soundcloud ( with your feedback.

I've included the liner notes below.

JOSHUA IZ, the seminal deep house producer of IZ & DIZ fame drops the inaugural release for Dream In Audio.  An ode to his CHICAGO roots and SAN FRANCISCO influence, The Figure is a hard hitting track that is all Chitown, while What U Like has a melodic edge that is reminiscent of SF circa 1998.

This is deep house at its finest, and is sure to be a classic!